GW Instek EMC Pretest Solution

EMI Pre-Compliance Testing Solution

GW Instek introduces the latest and comprehensive EMC testing solution to meet customers’ requirements of EMC pre-compliance conduction and radiation testing during product development and verification stages. The EMC pre-compliance testing mode is ideal for electronics product development. With this solution, users can resolve problems at the earliest phase to avoid reconfiguration once the product development was finalized. Reducing product development cycles and verification laboratory fees is conducive to expediting the process of product verification and launch time.

EMC Pre-Compliance Testing Solution comprises GSP-9300 spectrum analyzer, conduction emission and radiation emission testing accessories.

EMC Pre-Compliance testing package:
1. Spectrum Analyzer: GSP-9300 + TG option
2. EMI Near Field Probe Set: GKT-008
3. EMI software: SpectrumShot, free of charge

Test Report

Client: GW Instek
Distance: Model: GSP9330
Operator: Cooper Serial No: XYZ001234
Test Site : Sample 1EUT:
Temperature : 24.5 0 C Humidity:75 % Power:110 V/60 Hz
Condition : Test Conduction