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Aimed at Renewable Energy, Preen Provides Diversified Power Testing Solutions

Bucking the Trend in Post-Pandemic Times: Home Appliance Demand Grows with Needs of Advanced Testing Solutions

EV Testing Solution Part II : DC/DC Converter

Driving Force behind a Sustainable Future: Solar Array IV Curve Simulation Solutions

EV Testing Solution Part I : On-Board Battery Charger

One Giant Leap for LED Chips Testing Efficiencyy

EV Supply Equipment ATS

1500V Photovoltaic System Simulation Solution

Programmable DC Power Supplies

• High Voltage & High Power – ADG – P Series

Intuitive 7’’Touch Screen for Easy Operation

Output Voltage upto 2000V Renewable Energy Application

Single Unit Power 30KW – 100 Kw

• High Output Current at Low Output Voltage – ADG –L Series

Output Voltage upto 1000 Volts

High Power Density 15 KW in 3 U

High Power Generation by Easy Parallel Combination

Programmable AC Power Supplies

• Single Phase AC Power Source with DC Output – AFV-P Series

Output Power : 600 VA – 5 KVA

Output Voltage 310V ( Opt.620V)

Output Frequency 15 – 1000 Hz

Capable to Simulate Power line Disturbances, such as IEC 61000-4-11

• Three Phase Programmable AC Source- AFV Series

Output power : 10 KVA – 2000 KVA

Output Voltage : 0 – 300 V

Output Frequency 45-65 Hz

Interface : RS 232, RS 485